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The changes we can make to our body through progressive and intense weight training are remarkable. Humans have huge physical potential. However, we are also very specific organisms with specific requirements and specific limitations.

Blobby to body builder

From "blobbybuilder" to bodybuilder in just 16 weeks!

Knowledge equals power

Genetics and recovery ability will govern our progress and ultimately will decide our potential. These limiting factors are never more prevalent or potentially dangerous than when it comes to overtraining. We can, and very often do, take a positive activity like weight bearing exercise and turn it into a negative.

Sel BeforeSel After

Sel Before                Sel after 12 weeks at Bodyzone

Wear and tear on joints, a compromised immune system, continuous fatigue and insomnia, loss of appetite or increase in food cravings are all symptoms of overtraining.


Overtraining will prevent progress and destroy motivation.

With the application of proven training methods, Rob and the Bodyzone trainers can take an average or below average physique and turn it into something spectacular.

Carol Day - Bodyzone trainer & former Miss UK

Don't waste your time!

The transformations pictured here were achieved with only two fifteen minutes sessions weekly and by applying very precise and progressive workouts which delivered constant results (changes and improvements) on an almost daily basis. This only occurs when precise scientific training principles are applied along with balanced nutrition.

Constant improvements in strength and condition can and should be expected once random and arbitrary training is eliminated and pure progressive resistance with adequate recovery is applied.

Rob Warren beforeRob Warren Winner

Rob took Warren Treasure to the "Mr Universe" title by training smarter rather than harder.

Rob Blakeman is a master of this kind of training and, as you can see, his results are as conclusive as they are consistent.

For the in-depth secrets of the Blakeman training methodology you can purchase his new book, "Whatever it Takes" and start the journey to your dream body today!


For a one-to-one consultation with Rob call 01922 615 656


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