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When it comes to honing their bodies, Rob Blakeman'S BODYZONE is the personal trainING COMPANY of choice for many celebrities.


Celebrities and fitness regimes seem to go together these days like ham and eggs – or should that be tofu and organic rice?


In today’s pejorative society where what you look like matters so much, more and more Celebs are recruiting personal trainers to help them achieve a macho muscularity or a more desirable derrière.


 However, as many big earning stars have learnt, money counts for nothing in achieving the perfect shape without a sincere desire to work hard and the discipline to follow a healthy eating plan.


Rob says’ “As well as top athletic professionals, I have had several famous non-sporting clients consult with me in recent times. They find the contemporary pressures of fame and its visually critical media practically force them into taking action on the personal appearance front”.


“The depth of our mental and physical processing is the key ingredient for creating passion for our pursuit. So for someone who isn’t slim but wants to be, passion is the key to success. You must slim with determination to succeed.






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