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You are a complex organism!

The human immune system is incredibly complex in its function of keeping the body protected from ‘foreign’ invaders. It relies on an elaborate and dynamic ‘communications’ network.


This communication is vital because of the vast number of immune system cells that patrol the body. Many factors affect our immune system and many ‘triggers’ exist for switching on illness and disease. They come from our environment and contribute towards everything from common stress to ageing.


Why “Real” health needs a strong immune system

In my experience of 15 years as a trainer and nutritional advisor I have come to believe that virtually all of what doctors call symptoms or disease are in actual fact nutritional deficiencies.


At the heart of our complex human physiology is our internal protection system which, when working at its optimum level, recognises and responds to foreign substances known as antigens. It decides whether they are infectious or part of the body (self-antigens).


These toxic bodies’s make up a part of what we know as ‘free radicals’. These microscopic cells are scavengers, entering our bodies at all times through stress or poor nutrition, looking to destroy healthy cells. Our body cannot cope effectively with these substances without optimum nutrition.


You are what you eat!

As we are all aware our food pyramid in the western world is severely polluted with what we identify as ‘junk foods’. Most people know that these foods make us fat but did you know many of them make us ill too?


They are highly processed in order to extend their shelf life and to make them edible after only a few seconds in a microwave oven. Many of these processing chemicals are developed in only a handful of chemical factories. These same factories are responsible for the chemical technology behind perfumes, aftershaves, nail varnish and household cleaners!


Many of the additives, colorants and preservatives cross over into packaged and fast food products served every day in the high street near you.


If one is health conscious or has athletic aspirations this knowledge makes our food pyramid a virtual minefield!


Why supplements are essential

Even if we eat only natural foods, we are faced with the fact that farm soils in western society are so ravaged by intensive farming that they are deficient in many of the 60 or more minerals they should contain. Consequently the vegetables, fruits and grains grown in them are deficient too.


Over training – don’t let it happen to YOU!

Then there is the boom in exercise programs, fitness classes and gymnasiums. How much exercise do we really need?


Did you know too much exercise can be just as bad for you as no exercise? It’s true. Many people who regularly go to a gym suffer constant colds, insomnia, loss of sexdrive, irritability and are tired all the time. Sound like someone healthy to you?

Not for a second. Some people who have been attending a gym for literally years look as though they have never exercised at all!  This is often because they workout too much but not effectively. This syndrome known as over training, leads directly to this lack of progress, making the sufferer likely to ‘binge’ on forbidden foods because they feel sorry for themselves or even give up their exercise and fitness goals completely.


YOU, or your car – What’s more important!

Make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Seek out professional advice from someone with credibility and a solid track record.

You gladly pay someone to service your car, a car that you will one day sell-so why not invest in a good overhaul or M.O.T. for your body?! It’s the only one you’ll ever have.


If you want success – seek out the most successful

Rob Blakeman is available for personal consultation designed to maximise results for you in the areas of:

Contact Rob Blakeman’s Bodyzone on Tel. 01922 615 656 for rates and further information. The path to “real” health and the achievement of your goals could be just a phone call away.










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Some of the famous clients who have consulted Rob for training and nutritional advice


Ozzy Osbourne Rob and Ozzy


Rob Training Ricky Hatton

Rob Training Ricky Hatton


Nick Skelton

Nick Skelton - World Show Jumping Champion


Nigel Benn


Nick Owen, TV Presenter
Nick Owen


"I started training with Rob in the summer of 2004 and I can honestly say the experience has been inspirational.

He has changed my life.

I have always loved my sport and kept myself fairly fit, but nothing compares with my condition now.

After a few years of comparative inactivity, I feel as fit now as I have ever done and I am nearer sixty than fifty.

Rob has built me up gently with a tough but measured programme that has steadily increased my strength, stamina and feeling of well-being.

Coupled with my regular training sessions twice a week, Rob has introduced me to vitamin supplements, amended my diet and I have honestly never felt better.

I am just pleased that, after months of hesitation, I decided to put my trust in Rob."
Nick Owen

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