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David to join Goliaths in Dubai Sports City


Rob Blakeman in Dubai


David to join Goliaths in Dubai Sports City
A Personal Trainer from Birmingham will shortly be standing on the shoulders of giants when his new fitness, slimming and nutrition centre opens next year, alongside the likes of the first ever permanent Manchester Utd Football Academy, David Lloyd Tennis and the new headquarters of the ICC at the multi-billion dollar Sports City super complex in Dubai.


For some time now, Rob Blakeman has been sought out by celebrities and professional athletes in the know that want to achieve outstanding results in terms of increased fitness performance, strength, weight loss, toning and all round well-being. Whilst his client list has included a wide range of celebrities to hardcore athletes, Rob is most passionately concerned about fighting obesity-both nationally and now internationally.


A published author on the causes of and solutions to obesity Blakeman regularly attends schools and colleges promoting a healthy body and mind to young people. From a broken family himself, he describes how his drive to improve his life propelled him to seek a more assertive personality through the confidence he found from regular exercise and how his passion for bodybuilding rescued him from a possible life of crime to one of discipline and consistency. An unusual role-model but nevertheless, a positive one.


Through his small chain of Bodyzone personal training centres, he has also helped thousands of members of the general public to literally transform their lives from overweight (often hugely) couch potatoes into dynamic, healthy, strong lithe individuals with a renewed passion for life. Along with the celebrities, they enjoy the private, one-on-one personal training sessions and appointment system employed.

Blakeman’s talent for achieving extraordinary results has now been recognised by the owners of Sports City who have selected him, ahead of large household name gym chains, to establish and run the complex’s gymnasium and elite training facility in a joint venture with themselves.


As part of his remit, Rob will be helping to train his new next door neighbours – Manchester United F.C. along with numerous other sporting greats such as Tiger Woods and Michael Schumacher when they visit Dubai.

With the luxury life on offer in Dubai comes the inevitable excess-and obesity is on the rise there too! The people behind Dubai Sports City are smart enough to know that a fair proportion of people will be interested in a Man Utd Soccer School but 95% of the population want to know more about losing weight for themselves or a family member.


“There are more gyms in Britain than ever, but more out of shape people than ever” observes Blakeman. That statistic alone should alert people to the fact that something is fundamentally wrong with the service on offer at most ‘Super Market’ gyms as Blakeman calls the large chains who see high recruitment at peak periods followed by high drop-off in unsatisfied clients.

“Without a real passion for getting people into shape many gyms are little more than glorified social clubs. For many years now, I’ve been quietly ploughing my own furrow and helping people from all walks of life to achieve results that far exceeded their expectations. Sports City in Dubai will be the World’s premier sporting arena and I can’t wait to showcase my techniques and know-how alongside such sporting institutions as Manchester United and the ICC


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