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Colloidal Vitamin and Mineral Formula

Colloidal Vitamin and Mineral Formula
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BodyZone's Colloidal vitamin and mineral supplement.

1 months supply


Vitamin and mineral content in modern processed foods are practically none existent. Even in real fresh fruits and vegetables they have declined massively due to aggressive farming and transport methods. Minerals make up 66.5% of the vital nutrients your body needs for optimum function and health. More importantly, any Vitamin supplements taken separately cannot be absorbed by the body unless adequate levels of Minerals are also present. However, even if you are taking both in supplement form there’s another problem. 

Regular metallic vitamin and mineral tablets or capsules are only around 10-12% absorbable by the human body. 

BodyZone's Colloidal Minerals are 98% absorbable.

That’s almost ten times more available than regular pills.


Regular Mineral particles are comparatively huge! So much so that proteins can’t bind with them. So they remain suspended in your intestines until they pass through your digestive system unabsorbed. 

Poorly absorbed conventional vitamin tablets and capsules.

BodyZone's Colloidal minerals by direct contrast are liquid minerals. Each mineral particle is 7’000 times smaller than a red blood cell measuring 0.0001 microns (1000 microns =1mm) Their unique size makes them very easy for proteins in your body to combine with, and carry across your intestinal wall and then effectively transported to every cell in your body.

They are also ‘Ionic’ meaning they are negatively or if you prefer, magnetically charged. The lining of the human intestines is positively charged so there is a unique electrical or magnetic gradient which maximises absorbability. 

Ordinary Mineral tablets are manufactured from ‘inorganic’ or synthetic materials which your blood cells don’t recognise and so turn them away. On the other hand colloidal minerals are so small that they dissolve and so are actually parts of the liquid solution itself making them inherently more absorbable by the process of human osmosis alone.

One would need to consume literally pounds and pounds of fruits and vegetables to take in all of the Vitamins and Minerals present in just one serving of BodyZone's Colloidal Blend.

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