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Make the Weight Make the Weight

Make the Weight

Make the Weight
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The formula comprised in ‘Make the Weight’ is a blend of whey proteins and carbohydrates with added branch chain amino acids and peptide bonded glutamine. The whey protein concentrate used is a rich source taken from vegetarian sweet cheese whey sourced entirely from European milk. The Whey Protein Isolate used is a rich source of whey protein from sweet whey which is from

hard-pressed cheese, again reliably sourced entirely from European milk. This is very

similar to the Whey concentrate but involves further filtering to reduce fatlactose

and increase protein. The formula also contains added L-Glutamine. L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in muscle tissue. One of the other key assets of L-Glutamine is it helps maintain a healthy immune system which is a very important for hard training athletes as heavy or intense workouts tend to greatly deplete Glutamine levels (Glutamine is a primary source for your immune system).

Branch Chain Amino Acids (leucine, isoleucine, valine) are also added to Make the Weight.

BCAA's are not like other amino acids they are not metabolised in the stomach, and are instead metabolised directly in the muscle. This unique quality means that they are very anabolic (they build muscle) and very anti-catabolic (they stop muscle breakdown).

These unique Amino acids (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) cannot be synthesised by your body so they are essential to your growth.

Make the Weight is also the only protein formula to contain Glucosamine Sulphate. Glucosamine Sulphate is glucose-based chemical produced in naturally healthy joints, where it is used to repair and maintain cartilage for functional joint use and cushioning. Glucosamine has a high success rate in relieving osteoarthritis (bone and joint pain symptoms), but news of its beneficial qualities have spread around the world largely by good nutritionists and dieticians. Cartilage, as we have said is the slippery material that cushions the ends of bones. Over time or through overuse it wears away, causing pain, stiffness, swelling, 'creaking' and ultimately incapacity. Anti-inflammatory drugs are usually prescribed to relieve symptoms, but can have serious side effects. Glucosamine is the natural way to protect from this problem.

So to sum up; Make the Weight is specifically designed as a multi-purpose supplement. Firstly, for maximum nitrogen retention. Muscle nitrogen in lean body mass subjects (such as boxers and strength athletes) is lost when a person’s daily intake of nitrogen from proteins is less than the body’s daily excretion of nitrogen. The whey protein in ‘Make the Weight’ provides this positive nitrogen balance which is proven to assist in muscle growth and retention. The peptide bonded glutamine contained will add to the uptake in the human glutamine pool from which lean muscle tissue is formed. The branched chain amino acids will aid directly in the retention of lean body mass as they are not metabolised in the stomach but directly in the muscle. It has been shown that they aid nitrogen retention by up to 80% in some individuals. These will complement the whey protein and Glucosamine uptake in ‘Make the Weight’ resulting in a product which is the ultimate in joint maintenance, recovery and strength building for amateur and professional workout enthusiasts of all kinds.

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