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Dubai Sports City

Sports City, Dubai
Dubai Sports City, the world's first purpose-built sports city, will incorporate state-of-the-art sporting venues and academies along with residential and commercial developments. These will combine to offer a world class venue for sports events and activities at all levels with a residential lifestyle unrivalled in the region and possibly the world.Stadium at Sports City


Construction of Dubai Sports City is well under way and with the first sports facilities and homes being completed by late 2007, the future of sport and the future of living is nearer than you might think.

Rob Blakeman's BodyZone will be situated in the prestigious Acadamies of Excellence section next to Manchester United Soccer School.




Ozzy Osborne has been in training for this weekend’s Festival of Rock at Donnington.

Black Sabbath are determined to give the fans a show to remember and have drafted in top personal trainer and Sabbath fan, Rob Blakeman, to help them get into tip top shape.

Ozzy Osborne newspaper article

Rob, whose personal training company BodyZone is based in Ozzy’s hometown of Birmingham has been staying with the band at their secret hideaway in Wales as they prepare for Donnington.


He has been providing Ozzie and the other Black Sabbath members with a special diet and exercise tips designed to give them maximum energy for their appearance at the Festival.

“Ozzie’s really in pretty good shape and has done incredibly well to get back to fitness after a number of health scares including the quad bike crash” Rob told us.


“I’ve concentrated on stomach exercises and creating diets the band can live with on the road. I also took along some good quality supplements – all of which should help them to be more explosive than ever at Donnington!”


I’m a big Sabbath fan and many of my clients choose their high-energy music to train to. Ozzy and the boys have been a pleasure to work with and I’ve had an absolute blast staying with them - Ozzy had me in stitches practically the whole time!



Fitness with a personal approach

Rob Blakeman is the UK's number one celebrity fitness trainer whose reputation is growing as fast as his list of clients.


What do Ozzy Osbourne, Nigel Benn and Nick Owen all have in common? They all call the same dynamic trainer when needing advice on diet and exercise.


Rob Blakeman is a bit of a legend in the Midlands.


A Published Health Author, Former Bodybuilding Champion and current UK Strongman Record holder Rob has introduced thousands of people to the power of weight training and super nutrition through his chain of BodyZone Gyms.

So unique are Rob's methods of just two, brief workouts a week that they attracted Boxing legend Richie Woodhall into the fold!
After training with Rob for a few months he decided he wanted to be involved.
Richie will open the first BodyZone franchise in his hometown of Telford later this year.

But perhaps the best news about Rob's methods is that they are great for weight loss too.
That is why despite the 'hardcore alpha-males' in his celebrity client list, Rob is most passionately sought after by women!
They appreciate more the mental reinforcement they get from the guru and his staff.
He is currently training a beauty queen competitor and enjoys toning and tightening training as much as he did helping Ricky Hatton prepare for battle.
He describes himself as a conditioning trainer and as he outlines the programme which has been, and continues to be, so successful for his scores of clients, it quickly becomes obvious where the root of this success lies.
It's in Rob's own charisma.
He lives and breathes health and fitness, motivates people to believe in themselves and what they can do for their own bodies.
Rob explains: "The amount of time we need to spend on exercise to be fit and strong is small if the effort is high.

I train all of my clients in the same way - no distractions, just a trainer and the client. "

At BodyZone you get honest, objective education and guidance - and you don't get left behind as you can do in a class.
"It's a personal approach, which even extends, at times, to phoning 'waverers' who need to be kept on the straight and narrow.
But why weights and not aerobics, for instance, I ask Rob.
"There used to be an aversion to weight training among women but since celebrities, like the stars of 'Friends' have been seen on TV doing weights, the attitude has changed.
"Women won't have big muscles as a result of weight training - they simply don't have the hormones. Muscle takes up less room than fat and makes you tauter.
And you are not left with sagging skin because you are constantly tightening and toning," he explains.
"Also, building bone density helps guard against osteoporosis and arthritic conditions".
An Advisor on Slimming and Sports Nutrition to Holland and Barrett Rob also creates his own supplements for the public.
He and Richie Woodhall have a new product out which is aimed at athletes who need to control weight when they perform to do so healthily.

"Make the Weight" is an advanced protein formula with nutrients to strengthen bones and joints too" says Rob.

The Vine

"Pretty important when you're a boxer! Even the great Sugar Ray Leonard is interested in taking the product to the US.
There is also a unique Vitamin and Mineral formula in the range that everyone should take-especially in view of fears of bird flu - we all need to keep our immune systems in top shape!"
"Virtually all of what doctors call symptoms or disease is actually nutritional deficiencies," he says.
"When our internal protection system is working at its optimum level, it recognises and responds to foreign substances known as antigens which enter the body through stress or poor nutrition and destroy healthy cells. "Junk food not only makes us fat, it makes us ill and the chemicals used in their processing are developed in the same factories that are responsible for the chemical technology behind perfumes, nail varnish and household cleaners."




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