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Passion for Change by Rob Blakeman

The Passion for Change bookThis is the definitive health book for the New Year.


Written by an individual who truly walks the talk and has already helped thousands to do the same.


Passion for Change is a comprehensive, truly effective, multi-faceted and holistic guide that will empower readers to make permanent changes in their lives and achieve dramatic improvements in their health and well being.


Discover the facts about:


Heart Disease

Overweight? Being only 20 pounds overweight nearly doubles the risk of heart disease. This means those "few extra pounds" have far more seroius cardiovascular implications than many people think.


"For 50% of people who get heart disease the first symptom they will ever experience is death"



Despite hundreds of millions of pounds spent on research, cancer has gone from the number eight killer twenty-five years ago to the number two.



A stroke is a potentially fatal event in which oxygen rich blood flow to the brain is restricted, often because of an obstructing blood clot.


Hospital Viruses

The birth of the super bug has been the single biggest factor in the final breakdown of our health service.

Family doctors make mistakes in one in ten prescriptions and need better training, says the chief of the Government's grugs rationing body.

Professor Sir Michael Rawlins, head of the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, claims the incompetence of some GPs results in errors that put patients in hospital.

Research suggests up to one in 20 hospital admissions could be caused by 'preventable' drug related problems.
- Taken from the Daily Mail 9th December 2003

“This unbelievable statistic has come about simply because in the last thirty years we have degenerated into an over-medicated society which pops pills at the drop of a hat”  *


“Systematic overuse of antibiotics in previous decades has resulted in an immunity that is estimated will apply to approximately half of all microbiotic viruses by the year 2010. So for 50% of sufferers of illness currently treated with antibioticsm there will be no cure”  *


* Quotes from the new book Passion for Change by Rob Blakeman


Passion for Change

"If we keep doing what we are doing we will keep getting what we have got"  Rob Blakeman


The new life changing book by the man that walks the talk and who has helped thousands of individuals to do the same.


This no-holds barred book tells it exactly like its is and fully explains why so many adults and children are felling sick and tired and becoming more and more obese.


Rob comprehensively explains how these 21st century health problems come about and how they can be overcome and avoided with a series of simple and easy to follow measures that you can use to:

“To get what you have never had, you must go to a place that you've never been”   Rob Blakeman


With this new book as your guide, there's no reson to fear these top killers anymore. You'll discover that no matter how old you are, man or woman, at what stage in your heart health - a stronger body and longer life is easily within your reach.


Your health is your most prized possession. Without it you have nothing!


Plese do not delay. You and your loved ones can live to a ripe old age, healthy and full of life. The choice is yours. Do not wait until a surgical bypass becomes the only choice.

By following the simple but powerful advice in this book you will be amazed at the changes in your alertness, your skin's appearance, your energy levels, immune system, strength and endurance will be massively increased.

People will be intrigued as to how you have made this change happen. By spreading the word to each and every member of our family, our friends and loved ones, in clubs and societies, in schools and at work, we can make a difference. Its up to you. It always has been.

“Rob is the best trainer in the business, his knowledge on diet and exercise is extraordinary”

(BBC commentator and former world boxing champion)


“Rob Blakeman is a unique individual, The insights contained in Passion for Change are startling. Everyone should read this book.”

Nick Owen (Broadcaster)

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