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Why did I let myself put so much weight on when I knew my wedding was coming up? Like so many other women I had my big day booked a long time in advance so I always thought there would be plenty of time to trim down. My wedding dress was being made and I was afraid to go for a fitting!! I just knew I had to slim down by 3 stones at least. Thankfully a friend introduced me to BodyZone Personal Training and I was put at ease straight away. After just a couple of weeks I noticed my body was feeling and looking much firmer. My eating plan was personalised just for me and it gave me tons of energy! In the past my energy levels had always really dipped around 3.00 o’clock of an afternoon and my cravings for crisps and chocolate would get the better of me. Not any more! The workouts soon became exciting and invigorating! The more effort I put in, the more I got back in terms of shape improvement and inch loss! I was amazed by what I achieved with just 2 brief visits to BodyZone a week! I came to understand that it’s not how often you go to the gym that counts but what you do when you’re in there. At BodyZone my workouts were progressive. I got better and better at the exercises and the weight just fell off! All the Trainers were very supportive with a keen interest in my results.


Come the day of the wedding I had lost 3 stones and 2 pounds. I love my wedding photo’s-they remind me of how I can change my life anytime I want if I just take the right action!  






















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